NoThx Anti Revoke –Remove App Revokes NoThx on TweakBox

No one really likes to pay out of their pocket for downloading an app. In the app store, there are applications that are quite useful but costs money for downloading. To help in such a situation, we can use TweakBox, a third party app store that helps in getting all those paid apps for completely free in your iOS device.

Though convenient and useful the app store experiences issue like app crashing and thus need a proper way to deal with this issue and that’s where NoThx comes handy. A Software that can be easily downloaded from TweakBox itself and works as a way to prevent app-crashing.

A solution to the app revoking TweakBox has come with this solution and thus developed a way to fix the issue for the users. The app when installed deals with the issue of app-crashing by not letting the apple’s server know of the installed apps by creating VPN automatically.

Features of NoThx iOS app:

TweakBox along with NoThx for sure hands you over a lot of features for your device. They both work quite well together and are for sure a very great step by TweakBox for the users. Some of these features are:

  1. No more app crash as this NoThx works as the perfect solution being the Anti-Revoking app.
  2. Assigning a different VPN automatically this app helps by not letting the apple’s server know of the modded apps thus providing better usage without any app crash.
  3. With the help of TweakBox and NoThx now we can have our favorite apps and all those premium apps for free.
  4. With a better design and easy to surf app store, this third-party app for sure makes things a lot more convenient.
  5. A completely safe and reliable way of downloading apps, this app store is completely trustworthy and is one of the best available.

How To Install NoThx on iOS using Tweakbox

The app store can be easily downloaded into the device, and after that user can download NoThx from it, the way to do this is by just following these below steps:

  • First of all the user need to click on TweakBox App Download and launch it in the safari browser of their iOS device.
  • Next, the download is finished go into the settings option and give trust permission to TweakBox.
  • After this open TweakBox and search for NoThx and start its installation.

Install NoThx on iOS using Tweakbox

  • Click on the install button to start the installation.

NoThx on iOS using Tweakbox

  • Again go into settings and this time give permission of trust to NoThx.

Download NoThx on iOS using Tweakbox

The steps above properly discuss the way to download both TweakBox & NoThx, thus making no more those complaints of the app crashing or revoking, etc.

How To Use NoThx iOS App

The using of NoThx is very easy, and the user just needs to follow the below steps after downloading the app as mentioned above.

  • First of all, open the app by clicking on it.
  • It may after that ask for permission, click on allow to give it permission otherwise you can cancel.
  • Next click on the “protect now” option after this.
  • Click on allow as the small prompt for confirmation appears.
  • After this, your device is all set and configured with VPN.

TweakBox offers a wider range of apps in its database and even helps in downloading all those paid and modded apps for free.

Check out:

Install NoThx on iOS using TweakBox

TweakBox is indeed one of the best ways to download the applications and along with NoThx prevents any sort of inconvenience or un-announced crashing for no reason in the near future.

With this, we told you all about the anti-revoking app for TweakBox and how to handle the issues that may have arisen earlier with just TweakBox.

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