Tinder++ for iOS – Download Tinder++ on iPhone/iPad (TweakBox)

Want to meet and date but couldn’t find someone who attracts you, well Tinder, the most promising dating app, is the way to go.

But it’s still hard for most of the people to get a date or even a match on Tinder, well not with Tinder++. With the latest features of Tinder++ it overcomes the limitation to the app providing the user with better and exciting features.

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Features of Tinder++ on iOS

With this tweaked version of the app, you will be using the same database and everything, all that will change will be the add-on of more and better features for you. With Tinder++ you don’t need to delete the previous. The features you get to experience with Tinder++ are:

  1. You can undo your last swipe and thus can have a second chance for someone that earlier you might have done in a hassle.
  2. Changing your location is another feature you get to enjoy with this app thus providing you a way to meet new people far from you.
  3. Already ended all your likes and still got no match? Well, tinder++ has you covered with its feature of an unlimited number of like, so say no to the fading out of the heart symbol.
  4. Only one chance for showing your extreme liking is not enough, right? Well, guess what, with Tinder++ iOS you get to have 5 super like every day, making the app super exciting.

Download Tinder++ using Tweakbox (STEPS)

Now after all the discussion over the exciting part comes the main point of how to download the app. Well, you can easily and safely get the app by following the below procedure:

  • First of all, you need to download TweakBox in your iOS device, an easily supported application that you can download directly from TweakBox App Download.
  • Next step in getting the app would be changing the settings of your device and allowing it to trust TweakBox under device management.
  • After that, you can launch TweakBox and then search for Tinder++ by typing it in the search bar.

Download Tinder++ on iOS Through TweakBox

  • All now left is to press on to the Install button and install this app and start talking and dating with new people.

Tinder++ on iOS Through TweakBox

  • With the help of TweakBox now you will be using Tinder++ without jailbreak or any other altering to your device.

Download Tinder++ on iOS

Check out:

Install Tinder++ on iOS using TweakBox

The era of the Internet has changed the world all over, even things like dating have now become easy in this generation. With Tinder++ now you can go one step beyond breaking the limits of the original app and providing a step further to your previous experiences. With the help of TweakBox now you can even get this amazing app without altering your device thus making it easier for you to use the application

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