WhatsApp++on iOS: Download WhatsApp++on iPhone/iPad With TweakBox

WhatsApp is one of the best messenger app used by more than 1 billion users over 180 countries. You can stay in touch with your friends and family no matter how far they are using this app. Eventhough it is a great app, you wont be able to customise this app with the usual version. Here comes the newly modified versions of WhatsApp++ or WhatsApp Watusi which can be downloaded on your iOS devices for free and without jailbreak using TweakBox app installer.

Install whatsapp+ with tweakbox

In this article, we will discuss mainly about the modified versions of WhatsApp and the features of these apps. A simple procedure to Download and Install  WhatsApp++ or WhatsApp Watusi using TweakBox is also mentioned below. Check this out: Download TweakBox Apk Latest Version for your Devices.

Features of WhatsApp ++ on TweakBox | WhatsApp ++ TweakBox

The modified versions of WhatsApp is now available as WhatsApp++ and WhatsApp Watusi for your iDevices. It has got many more amazing features which makes it the first and the best messenger apps in the market.  We have tried downloading WhatsApp++ using TweakBox on iOS 12, iOS 11.3.1, iOS 11.3, iOS 11.2, and iOS 11+ devices. The new features which makes these modified versions better than the usual version are mentioned below. You can easily download and Install WhatsApp++ on your iPhone/iPad using TweakBox.

  • One of the features that makes you want to have this app is that it lets you delete a sent message even after 7 minutes, which is the usual time limit seen in the normal version of WhatsApp++ by TweakBox.
  • You can also download the WhatsApp statuses that you like.
  •  If you don’t wish to get incoming calls on WhatsApp, you can block them.
  •  It provide you with more privacy as you can lock the conversations that you wish to keep in private using password or touch.
  •  It also lets you to directly open the webpages without having to open the default browser of your device.
  •  You can also set certain responses to the received messages.
  •  It lets you customize the themes of your WhatsApp messenger by TweakBox.
  •  These modified versions also lets you record and save the WhatsApp Voice and Video calls.
  •  The application can also be protected and helps you maintain privacy by setting a password or using Touch ID.

Some of you may be confused about what is the difference between WhatsApp++ and WhatsApp Watusi. Well, it is totally nothing.  The two versions offers you the same features and efficiency over the usual version of WhatsApp, and can be downloaded using TweakBox app installer. Here are the best Similar Apps like TweakBox & Best Alternatives for TweakBox on iOS/Android.

How to Install WhatsApp++ or WhatsApp Watusi on iOS using TweakBox

WhatsApp++ or WhatsApp Watusi can be downloaded on your iOS devices using TweakBox which is one of the best third party app installers right now. Many alternative apps can be found such as vShare, AppValley, TuTu App etc, but they are not as efficient and simple to use as compared to TweakBox. Given below are the steps to be followed to install WhatsApp++ or WhatsApp Watusi on your iDevices.

  • First of all, you need to install TweakBox app installer on your iOS device. Download the latest TweakBox for iOS devices from the below link.

TweakBox for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  • Next, you need to open this app. Here, you will find an option ‘Apps‘ which shows the apps that can be downloaded using TweakBox. From this, select Tweaked Apps option.

whatsapp++ TweakBox App

  •  A list of apps will show up. You can find a searchbar on the top of the screen. Here you can search for WhatsApp++, WhatsApp Watusi
  • Tap on the app and you will find an install option next to it. Click on it and the app will be downloaded and installed on your iDevice.
  • Go to settings and enable the trust option for the app and you are done.

That’s all folks! Also, Hope this article on how to download and install WhatsApp ++ on your iPhone/iPad using  TweakBox. We have briefed up everything and if there’s any queries left, just ping us through the comments and we will reply at the earliest.

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